Crossed Roads - An Ensley Markus Mystery, #5 ebook by Peggy Staggs 

Life has decided to be kind to Ensley Markus and Jack Trace. Their relationship is going great. And as a bonus, no one has tried to kill either one of them in almost six weeks.

That is until Don March, Ensley's former fiancé shows up at Jacks front door. He's there to deliver new information and to try to get Ensley back. Don isn't the only one who has come to town. Jerry and Dave Sullivan enter the mix. Jerry, unaware that his brother Dave is alive, sets out to once again kill Ensley to make Jack suffer. Dave Sullivan, the man everyone thought died four years ago has come to even a score with Jack.

Before the two brothers are caught, they manage to blow up half the town. Again life has changed in Spirit Springs.