Deception Road (An Ensley Markus Mystery Book 2) by [Staggs, Peggy]  For Ensley Markus, the joy of Christmas is dulled by the memory of her father's death. She holds tight to the bright spot in her new life, her developing relationship with Jack Trace, the Sheriff of Spirit Springs.  The promise of the season vanishes when Don March arrives. He's Ensley's former fiance and a high ranking CIA operative. He brings with him deceit, deception, and a secret mission for Jack.

Their white Christmas turns into a hundred year blizzard isolating the town.  When Jack is kidnapped, Ensley is forced to ask the man from here past to help her find the man she hopes will be her future.

Don tells Ensley about one of Jack's missions gone terribly wrong. One where Jack is not only a thief, but a murderer.

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