Career research physician Ensley Markus has worked toward all her life has ended. JPL Corporation shredded her ground-breaking project, fired her team and blacklisted her. The same day Ensley discovers the man who’s asked her to marry him is not only behind her banishment, but he’s sleeping with her supervisor. 

Ensley’s devastation appears complete until she receives a call from Sheriff Jack Trace of Spirit Springs, Idaho. He tells Ensley that her father is missing. She shoves her problems aside leaving behind her high-powered life in the nation’s capital for the high desert of Idaho.

The day she arrives in Spirit Springs, her father is shot, and dies in her arms. Determination consumes her as she focuses on finding her dad’s murderers. Ensley is continually hampered by Jack Trace, the town’s great-looking sheriff who’s intent on keeping her safe, whether she wants him to or not. 

Review from Facebook (10-2-2017): Suspense City! Woo! Love it. Jack and Ensley interactions is just fun how they are growing into each other.


Excerpt from the Book