Ensley Markus’s life is looking bright. The ski resort south of town is on track to open. Jack and Ensley are invited to a party for prospective resort investors. At the gathering, a jealous woman put out a contract on Ensley.

As Ensley and Jack Trace search for the hitman, they discover he is the brother of Jack's best friend, Dave Sullivan. The man Jack had to order into a situation that ended his life. Now his younger brother, Jerry Sullivan, is out to make Jack suffer the way he has, by killing the person Jack loves the most, Ensley. To complicate matters, there's a shadowy third party in the mix.

Ensley is thrust into a world of super-secret missions and Jack's past. One which involves Jack's team and a former Mossad agent. Ensley is faced with surviving the man intent on killing her and the mercenaries holding her captive. With hope slipping away, Ensley and the wife of one of Jack's team members find a way to escape. Then all they need to do is survive the vast desert of Southwest Idaho.